Student Clinic

The student massage clinic is an integral part of the student learning experience. It is where our students train and practice their massage and bodywork, client interaction, and professional skills on the general public under the supervision of a skilled massage instructor.

Treatments are performed by students who are enrolled in our courses, under the supervision of an instructor. At a minimum, all our students are qualified to level 3 in sports or holistic massage students and are looking to increase their skill set. Based on what they are studying with us, the massage provided will be tailored accordingly, working on specific issues, or working with certain modalities. Students are randomly assigned to clients. For those clients who wish to request a specific therapist, gender, skill level, or specific bodywork modality, we recommend a professional therapist.


Student clinic availability varies based on the number of students going through the program. However, our next scheduled clinic is for July 10th. Spaces will be limited so keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for when sign-ups are available. 


As our students are learning throughout this clinic, we simply ask for a donation at the end of your treatment and you can choose the amount depending on what you felt the service was worth.